Edward Fast

17916 Santa Mariana St.Fountain Valley, CA 92708(714) 675-9741ed@eddiefast.comhttp://eddiefast.comLinkedIn: PDF: Link


Programming Languages

  • C#, Java, C, C++, Python, PHP


  • Unity, Unreal, PC, Mac, Mobile, Web

Development Tools

  • Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode


present – 2003 Institute for Creative Technologies Playa Vista, CA

Computer Scientist

Over 15 years of software development experience. Worked on multiple Virtual Human projects showcasing real-time, interactive characters that you can have natural conversations with.

2002 – 1999 Sunset Entertainment Dana Point, CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • MotoX - Futuristic motorcycle combat using ESPN personalities for the Xbox, Playstation 2, and PC.
  • ESPN NBA2Night – NBA basketball for the Dreamcast.
  • Star Raiders – Remake of the Atari 3-D space classic for the PC and Playstation.
  • Tonka Construction Site - Drive Tonka Trucks on the Game Boy Color.

Created cross-platform libraries for video, 3-D sound, and peripheral input.

Implemented a full physics engine using the Havok SDK.

Created an in-game editor for adjusting level parameters and object placement using a custom menu system.

Implemented enemy artificial intelligence consisting of player follow and attack.

1998 JVC Digital Arts Studio, Inc. Torrance, CA

Software Engineer

  • Betrayer - 2-D isometric stealth game for the PC.

Designed and created an in-game editor to simplify creation of levels using custom user-interface classes.

Implemented a video and sound system using Smacker and Miles Sound System.

1998-1996 Metropolitan Water District La Verne, CA

Assistant Database Administrator

Installed and administered a UNIX based database application running Oracle 7.x; optimized database and reduced processing time.

Automated data transfer from the laboratory instruments to the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Provided training and end user support for LIMS.


  • Giota Stratou, Louis-Philippe Morency, David Devault, Arno Hartholt, Edward Fast, Margaux Lhommet, Gale Lucas, Fabrizio Morbini, Kallirroi Georgila, Stefan Scherer, Jonathan Gratch, Stacy Marsella, David Traum and Albert Rizzo. A Demonstration of the Perception System in SimSensei, a Virtual Human Application for Healthcare Interviews. 6th International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII), Xi’an, China, 2015. Link
  • David DeVault, Ron Artstein, Grace Benn, Teresa Dey, Alesia Egan, Ed Fast, Kallirroi Georgila, Jonathan Gratch, Arno Hartholt, Margaux Lhommet, et al. SimSensei Kiosk: A Virtual Human Interviewer for Healthcare Decision Support. 13th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS), Paris, France, 2014. Best Paper Nominee. Link
  • Arno Hartholt, Jonathan Gratch, Anton Leuski, Louis-Philippe Morency, Stacy C. Marsella, Matt Liewer, Prathibha Doraiswamy, Lori Weiss, Kim LeMasters, Edward Fast, Ramy Sadek, Andrew Marshall, Jina Lee, Marcus Thiebaux, Andreas Tsiartas. At the Virtual Frontier: Introducing Gunslinger, a Multi- Character, Mixed-Reality, Story-Driven Experience. 9th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA), 2009. Link
  • Jonathan Gratch, Ning Wang, Jillian Gerten, Edward Fast, Robin Duffy. Creating Rapport with Virtual Agents. 7th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA), Paris, France, September 2007. Best Paper Finalist. Link
  • Gudný R. Jónsdóttir, Jonathan Gratch, Edward Fast, Kristinn R. Thórisson. Fluid Semantic Back-Channel Feedback in Dialogue: Challenges and Progress. 7th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA), Paris, France, September 2007. Link
  • Marcus Thiebaux, Andrew N. Marshall, Stacy Marsella, Edward Fast, Aaron Hill, Marcelo Kallmann, Patrick Kenny, and Jina Lee; Smartbody: Behavior realization for embodied conversational agents. 7th International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA); Paris, France; 2007. Link
  • David Traum, William Swartout, Jonathan Gratch, Stacy Marsella, Patrick Kenny, Eduard Hovy, Shri Narayanan, Ed Fast, Bilyana Martinovski, Rahul Baghat, Susan Robinson, Andrew Marshall, Dagen Wang, Sudeep Gandhe, and Anton Leuski. Dealing with doctors: A virtual human for non-team interaction. 6th SIGdial Workshop on Discourse and Dialogue, Lisbon, Portugal, September, 2005. Link


California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

  • B.S. in Computer Science

University of California, Los Angeles Extension

  • 3-D Graphics Programming